Photo Gallery Volume One

A Collection of Photos from the School.



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Scout Camouflage Skill Video

This video shows a scout camouflage method that is great for watching wildlife or paint ball.

Visit out Youtube Channel for more free video demonstrations of the high level wilderness skills available at our school.

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Hello, we have been thinking about all the events with the Earth and how things are heading in the world and decided to give away all our classes this year for just $100 each.  All classes are limited to 20 students per class so if you are interested in attending our classes I would advise enrolling ASAP.  Just pay the deposit and the class is paid in full.  We are doing this because of the time we are living in and would like to give back to the people and help them get more connected to the earth. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. This offer expires January 2015 and is only for the 2014 class year.


In medicine


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In Memory

Fondly we remember…

Edward Lee Mowery 1949-2008.

Ed has been a student for the last year and came to many classes to learn skills or just hang out when he was sick. His wife supported him with his passion to learn primitive skills. If my students have half his passion they will be awesome in the skills. I will miss his phone calls and visits at my home to learn primitive skills.

God Bless

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