Photo Gallery Volume One

A Collection of Photos from the School.



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Scout Camouflage Skill Video

This video shows a scout camouflage method that is great for watching wildlife or paint ball.

Visit out Youtube Channel for more free video demonstrations of the high level wilderness skills available at our school.

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News: Summer 2018

Hello, hope everyone is doing well and getting in dirt time with your skills. This year is become a pivotal year for myself and the school. In the coming weeks I am going to be making some major changes in class formats and will be adding some new and exciting classes to the mix. For all those who know me and have been to my upper level classes the time has come for me to push the envelope on the skills presented in those classes. I will be offering a year long intensive course dealing primarily with the higher level scout skills, this class will be held in the Rockies but travel throughout the United States and Canada for the year.  Remember to keep vigilant and hone your awareness to a fine edge as scout times are here.

In medicine



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In Memory

Fondly we remember…

Edward Lee Mowery 1949-2008.

Ed has been a student for the last year and came to many classes to learn skills or just hang out when he was sick. His wife supported him with his passion to learn primitive skills. If my students have half his passion they will be awesome in the skills. I will miss his phone calls and visits at my home to learn primitive skills.

God Bless

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