Photo Gallery Volume One

A Collection of Photos from the School.



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Scout Camouflage Skill Video

This video shows a scout camouflage method that is great for watching wildlife or paint ball.

Visit out Youtube Channel for more free video demonstrations of the high level wilderness skills available at our school.

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News: Fall/Winter 2020

Hello, hope everyone is doing well and getting in dirt time with your skills. This year has been challenging for everyone dealing with the Covid19 pandemic and other events. Please keep focused on the positive instead of the negative. Darkness feeds on the negativity and we need positive energy now more than ever.  We have entered the purification of the Earth and will not be going back to life as usual again.  You can choose to live in society and slowly die of disease and starvation or you can choose to walk off into the wilderness and live in harmony with creation and walk close to God the Creator. When you choose to live close to the earth and the Creator you will have HOPE but if you decide to stay there is no longer any hope. This all goes back to “choice” if you choose to stay hoping things will return to normal you may not be able to leave so the choice to go back to the earth will be removed from you.  We all have to make this choice and will either survive as a hunter/gatherer or die living the lie of society. The Creator has given us all free Will so we must decide who we choose to serve NOW.  Life as we once have known is over and will never return, though it may seem to be going back to normal after the so called vaccines arrive it will be a false hope.  People please make the right choice for the future generations are at stake.  We live life for only 4 things peace, love, joy and purpose beyond self so please chose a life of adventure in the wilderness and let’s make the hope for the future generations yet to be born grow strong.

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In Memory

Fondly we remember…

Edward Lee Mowery 1949-2008.

Ed has been a student for the last year and came to many classes to learn skills or just hang out when he was sick. His wife supported him with his passion to learn primitive skills. If my students have half his passion they will be awesome in the skills. I will miss his phone calls and visits at my home to learn primitive skills.

God Bless

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