About Us

MISSION STATEMENT: We here at Northeast Ohio Primitive Living and Wilderness Survival School are dedicated to teaching basic through advanced primitive survival and earth living skills. We believe that through the skills of survival/earth living you will develop a positive mindset and confidence that will enable you to overcome any challenge you may encounter. Whether it is a survival test in the wilderness of Alaska or a power outage in your home in the city you will have the skills and mindset needed to make it through the ordeal with comfort and safety.

About the skills

We teach primitive skills that have been passed to us from various sources. All the skills are primitive, meaning we teach you how to enter a survival/earth living situation without any manmade items. All the skills are taught from experience and will be demonstrated so you know they work and we are not just talk. We feel that this approach to instruction benefit’s the student by giving them confidence and the knowledge that the skills are real and can be done. We help the student along so they can also produce the skills on their own.

Class options

We offer special group rates and classes to cater to those who wish to study in a differant way. We offer group and private classes in tracking, survival and any other skills we offer in any other class, feel free to call for details.


James is the founder and head instructor of Northeast Ohio Primitive Living and Wilderness School. James has been mentored by many of the top primitive skills and tracking experts in North America. He has trained military and law enforcement officials as well as countless civilians in the arts of survival, earth living, tracking and scout skills. When he is not teaching, he is living the skills that he presents at his school. James has spent time in full survival throughout the United States and Canada honing the skills to perfection and to a fine art form. He is always seeking challenges to test his skills in the most extreme weather and environments that North America has to offer.