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News: Summer 2022

Hello, hope everyone is doing well and getting dirt time with your skills.  We are in the process of renaming our school and relocating.  Everyone is feeling the pressures of the shortages and fuel prices along with potential global war.  The time for putting things off is over, either you prepare or face the consequences of your lack of action.  Primitive skills will see your through any emergency if you have the experience.  Many people think knowledge equals skill but it does not, actual experience in the field with your knowledge equates to skill.  When the time comes for the final test (meaning a real survival situation) experience will see you through. Get out and practice NOW as time seems to be growing short and we may soon be in a real survival situation.  When the store shelves are empty the earth still has plants and animals which you can eat and use for medicine if you know what to look for and have the experience.  Hope is in God our Creator and the Earth which will provide our needs.

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Posted by admin - March 17, 2011 at 7:35 am

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