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News: Summer 2024

Hello, hope everyone is doing well and getting dirt time with their skills. Folks with world events and the state of our economy things aren’t looking good. I haven’t been active much on keeping this site updated as we are in the field living the skills. We moved to Montana because it has enough wilderness to live and stay hidden when the time comes for the exodus. I would highly suggest getting in as much practice as possible while it is safe to do so. If you go out into wilderness and fail at a skill now you can learn from it and go out again to correct where you lacked in skill and knowledge. When SHTF and you don’t have the actual real world experience your survival chances are very low. As the age comes to a close and we enter the age of purification having experience in wilderness skills and living close to the Creator will give us the best chance for survival. As for the so called “bugout bag” knowledge weighs nothing and the ability to move fast while invisible are paramount when society fails. Modern weapons only bring unwanted attention with the Crack of a round becoming the dinner bell for anyone in the area to come find where the shot came from.  This is why I stress primitive hunting and food gathering techniques over the modern. You can only physically carry so much and what you do carry must expedite your escape not slow you down. I would strongly suggest getting your kit together and get into shape now so your ready for any emergencies.



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Posted by admin - March 17, 2011 at 7:35 am

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