News: Winter 2018

Hello, I want to talk about the new classes in western states.  It has been a dream of mine to teach in the western mountains and we finally made our move.  We will no longer be offering any classes in Ohio after the spring 2018.  With the past events in my life I am not planning on returning to Ohio to teach classes. We have decided to move all operations to Oregon and teach at various locations in the west.  This move helps us to offer more advanced classes and reach a much larger audience who have interest in the skills. I found in Ohio we were not able to fill classes as the local economy was not providing people with discretionary income they once had.  I also had a issue with dealing with administrative issues regarding teaching in the area that also forced me to make the decision to move out of state.  As we move into 2018 we will be making 2 YouTube videos each month called “Around the Campfire” these videos will deal with various skills as we visit the nations national forests living the skills ourselves.  The videos will also feature how to information that will answer many questions you may have.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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